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Welcome to Columbus Small Animal Hospital

Located on the west side of Columbus, NE on Highway 81, our veterinarians and staff are passionate about caring for dogs, cats and exotic pets. If you need routine veterinary care, a loving place to board your pet, or sophisticated diagnostic procedures, we are uniquely equipped to handle your pet's medical and surgical needs. We offer all of the services found in any small animal veterinary hospital and we also feature many unique services.Columbus Animal Hospital is proud to serve Columbus, NE as well as Omaha, Fremont, Lincoln, Grand Island, Norfolk and other surrounding areas.

Columbus Small Animal Hospital – We care enough to be accredited. We look forward to caring for your animal companions.


Our Partners

Keeping Your Pet's Teeth Clean Between Cleaning
Clenzadent website offers great suggestions on ways to keep dog and cats teeth clean and healthy.

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How can I destress my dog?
Information about stress and anxiety related practices and tools to reduce or eliminate fear in dogs.
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How can I destress my cat?
Feliway Facebook provides a lot of helpful behavior advice along with some awesome videos.

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My dog has congestive heart failure. What now?
Diagnosing and treating heart disease in dogs is as important as it is in humans.

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Aren’t all vaccines the same?
Vaccination is one of the greatest successes of medical science and has saved the lives of millions of people and their pets.
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Oh No My cat has diabetes!
Diabetes can be treated and does not mean a death sentence for your beloved pet.

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Why do I care if my dog gets Lepto?
Lepto is largely vaccine preventable. Most vaccines have 4 serovars to fight against today's most common serovars.
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