Ensuring Happy Holidays for Pets

 In Animal Care

The holidays are a time for fun and celebration. However, the holidays can present safety hazards to pets. It’s important to keep vigilant. Here are some things to watch out for over the holidays.

Holiday plants: These include mistletoe, poinsettias, amaryllis and holly. All of these plants are toxic for cats and dogs. Ingestion of them can lead to medical emergencies. Make sure plants are out of reach from pets and check floors constantly for leaves to clean up.

Decorations: Decorations can present safety hazards. Pets can choke on low-hanging ornaments. Tinsel is very dangerous when ingested as it causes linear foreign bodies that can only be removed with extensive abdominal surgery. The wires and extension cords from lights can burn and shock pets who chew them. 

Food: While it is tempting to give your pets human food it’s best not to. This leads to annoying behavior, obesity, finicky eating habits, diabetes and pancreatitis as well as possible toxicity.  Xylitol is a common sweetener used in treats and is toxic to pets, dogs especially. Spicy, salty and fatty holiday foods can also lead to digestive upsets, diarrhea and vomiting. Serve your pet healthy versions of dog or cat specific treats instead.

This time of year is fun and festive. A little vigilance goes a long way toward keeping it that way for everybody.

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