A Generous Tribute to a Beloved Companion

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Our beloved pets often bring out the best in us — especially our generosity — even when we endure the emotional pain of letting them go at the ends of their lives.

The Columbus Small Animal Hospital devoted hours of time and effort and resources to care for a dog named Akina (left photo in panel), who struggled with a number of severe health issues. The time came for Akina to be “freed while she had some spirit left.” Those are the words her owners used in a card expressing their gratitude for the care delivered by the Columbus Small Animal Hospital, including the compassionate management of euthanasia for Akina.

The owners also included a $500 check, a donation to be used to provide care for an animal whose owners are experiencing financial hardship and would not otherwise be able to afford to pay for care. The generous donors were not aware that Columbus Small Animal Hospital has its own foundation through a nonprofit 501C3 the Veterinary Care Foundation. All gifts are fully tax deductible and since we pay for administrative expenses 100 percent of donated funds are used to provide care for animals in need.

Dr. Jim Kramer is holding the check in the photo (on the right in photo panel) while Raider, Akina’s “brother,” looks on.

If you wish to make a donation to provide care for animals in need through Columbus Small Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Care Foundation, click here.

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