healthy weight

It is important to keep your pet’s weight in a healthy range. Just as in humans unhealthy weight causes problems. These include cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Here are some ways to check at home whether a dog is at an unhealthy weight.

Body condition scores are the way to tell how close your cat or dog is to ideal weights. The one we like is based on scale of 1 – 9 with a Body Condition Score of 5 being the ideal weight.

When looking at your pet you should be able to tell he or she has ribs without being able to count the ribs. If you can’t easily feel the ribs your dog or cat is overweight. Looking down from above There should be an hour glass appearance where the abdomen becomes narrower behind where the ribs end.  

Looking from the side there should be an indentation behind the ribs and below the spine called the para lumbar fossa.

There should not be fat pads anywhere on your pet. If the sides of your pet are parallel they are carrying extra weight. If your pet is shaped like a pear they are further from ideal weight.     

We can help you determine if your pet’s weight is unhealthy. If it is we can plan ways to help manage weight back to a healthy level.

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