October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

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October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Did you know that animal shelters and rescue groups are a great resource for a new pet? If you are planning on adding a furry friend to your household, here are some great reasons to consider adopting a shelter or rescue dog.

  1. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 6-8 million pets end up in shelters each year, and approximately half of those will be euthanized because they are not adopted.
  2. Looking for a purebred? 25% of the pets in shelters are purebreds. You can also search for breed-specific rescue groups who have plenty of pups looking for a new home.
  3. Everyone likes a bargain! Adopting may save you money. Keep in mind that some adoptions fees include things such as vaccinations, spay/neuter charges, microchipping, and other extras.
  4. Many shelters and rescue groups will conduct behavior analysis tests to help match your family with the pet that will be the best fit.
  5. Several dogs end up at the shelter through no fault of their own and are already trained and family-friendly. Some of the top reasons owners relinquish their pets are because they are moving or their landlord will not allow pets.

Give some thought to offering a shelter pet a place in your heart and home. When you are ready to adopt, visit one of these Columbus-area institutions:

Paws and Claws

Bright Futures Pet Adoption and Rescue

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