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Crazy for Catnip

Catnip’s allure is in its volatile oil, found in the leaves, stems, and seeds.

Sophie the 8-pound Toy Poodle Breaks Her Front Leg Again

A second bone plate is used to help knit up the fresh fracture.

Halloween Safety Tips

Here are a few Halloween safety tips that can help pets enjoy a safe and spectacular holiday this year.

Diabetes and Pets

A great deal of the diabetes we see in pets can be prevented.

Update on Jake the Australian Shepherd

Jake has made a full recovery and is thriving.

Jethro the Dachshund Regains the Use of His Hind Legs

Jethro the Dachshund suffers from intervertebral disc disease, and he has lost the use of his hind legs.

Look into Their Eyes: Common Canine Eye Disorders

Simple problems with eyes can morph into large, complex and difficult problems that can pass the point of no return.

Do Cats Recognize Their Own Names?

Dogs and cats tend to have different responses to having their names called. Dogs tend to snap to attention and seek out their owners, while cats tend to show little if any response. At least, that’s what anecdotal evidence says. However, is this the case? A recent study examines if cats do recognize their names. […]

Update on Happy the Cat

It is hard to tell anything ever was wrong.

Charlie the Havanese Has a Vaginal Hood

She recovers and Charlie is enjoying a normal dog’s life.

Chris the Dachshund 5 Years After Surgery for Luxating Patellas

He is thriving!

Bud Comes for a Visit Two Years After Extracapsular ACL Repair

You would be hard-pressed to guess he ever had a problem.