Puppy Vaccinations

Most of our routine vaccinations last for 3 years once you complete the series, we do not charge office calls.

New puppy vaccinations 3 shot series

  1. Each visit includes complimentary DW and TN.
  2. We provide a Complete Physical exam for a onetime fee of $30 for the entire series.
  3. First visit puppy shot vaccination is $15.
  4. Second visit puppy shots, no exam fee, vaccinations total $27.
  5. Third visit no exam fee, the vaccinations include rabies and the total for all of them is $39.
  6. We repeat them in a year and after that they all last for 3 years except Lepto is still an annual vaccine.
  7. The vaccination series includes Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Corona Virus and Rabies.

More information on vaccinations

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