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  • "Thank you for your exception knowledge, experience, expertise, and compassion.

    Dr. Jim, although you were out of town and knew nothing about me or my cat, your wife responded with a call almost immediately after my voice message.

    Dr. Ann, although you only met my cat today, I feel fortunate to have found your clinic on the internet. You conducted a painless and compassionate physical exam and euthanasia.

    Columbus Small Animal Hospital offers Nebraskans outstanding services."
    K. Patton

  • Testimonials

    "We will be celebrating our Lizzies 7th Birthday. Thanks you CSAH for all you've done to improve her quality of life. Wouldn't trust her care to anyplace else. Love definitely shines through your work." Judith

  • "Thank you for all your hard work with Duchess."
    Sean, Amanda and family

  • "Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lola during her spay surgery. We especially want to thank Dr. Ann for answering all of our questions and addressing our concerns – 1st time puppy parents can be quite nervous at times. We appreciate the great service and awesome staff – keep up the good work!"
    Amberly & Ryan

  • "Thank You to everyone at Columbus Small Animal Hospital for saving Ella's life and putting her on the road to recovery."
    Audrey, Rachel, Alice, John

  • "Dr. Ann and staff,
    I just don't know how to say thank you enough for everything you did for Ginger, you didn't just go the extra mile, you went around the world for her.

    Once again ... I'm so grateful!"
    Love, Barb

  • "Jim, Ann and staff,
    Words can't begin to convey just how much we thank you for the love & care you never fail to give!!
    God Bless you like he has us (through you …)!!!
    We thank you from the depths of our hearts for all the loving care you never fail to give our loved ones. Thank you so much."

  • "To the Doctors & all the staff at Columbus Small Animal Hospital,
    Thank you so much for the time, concern, & excellent level of care you provide. Words cannot express our appreciation. Thank you so much!"
    Christy & Jeff

  • "Columbus Small Animal Angels All!
    Thank you for taking Beau so quickly and for returning him so robust, it really is BREATH TAKING!
    All your love is so much a part of healing both pets and their people."
    Be well!

  • "Dr Ann (and staff) – I want to thank you for all that you did for Sadie – for showing your humanitarianism in saving her life. By day 2, after some neck & chin rubbing, she was purring. On day 3, I held her. She is very responsive, very loving & gentle. It's like she's making up for all the time she didn't receive any physical love! I wanted you to know that things are moving along pretty quickly and positively. She likes to play, but is still a little reticent in playing in my presence. But in the morning, her toys are all over the place.
    Thank you again!! She's one of God's creatures who isn't suffering in the continuing cold and snow."

  • "Doctor Ann,
    Thank you for keeping my body strong, and my eyes bright and clear so I can play catch with my mom."

  • "Thank you for keeping me healthy and my teeth clean and shiny."

  • "Thank you for handling my small body with gentleness and kindness. Thank you for saying I am the perfect dog. I will try to continue that way."

  • "Dear Dr. Stephanie, Dr Jim & Dr Ann & staff,
    Thanks so much for the special care & love you have given Alex. Your efforts gave him many more happy days then he would have had without your care. We appreciate all you did for him & us. You are all "special" friends."
    George and Linda

  • "To Doc Ann & staff,
    Thanks sooo much for coming in so late that Friday night to help Osita. You guys are the best. I don't know what we'd do without you! We refer to you all the time. Please know that you are appreciated!"
    Gina and Cindy

  • "Dear Dr. Ann,
    Thank you so much for all you have done for Iggy. Me & my family really appreciate it. You have played a huge part in Iggy's on going recovery. Me & my family are very lucky to have found you."
    With all the love & thanks in the world,

  • "Dear Drs. Ann and Jim Kramer and staff,
    We want to thank all of you for the wonderful care you have provided for our pets over the last few years. We especially appreciate the sensitivity and compassion shown recently while Samantha was in your care. Taking her home with you to ensure her comfort shows the level of commitment you have for your work and your sincere love of animals. Knowing Samantha was with you while we were out of the state, and that she was comfortable, helped ease our mind."
    Kenneth and Lorie

  • "Drs. Jim & Ann Kramer and staff,
    I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all that have helped Annie over the months. It is so obvious that you truly care about your patients and that means the world to me.
    Although you know I will worry about her while I'm gone – I seriously would not trust her with anyone else. I just had to tell you what a difference you have made in both Annie's and my life. And if I tried to tell you in person I would certainly cry.
    Huge hugs to you all,"

  • "I was using a Thundershirt alone because I didn't want to medicate Julio. It made an 85% improvement on his fear of storms. A few months ago I learned about Adaptil & started spraying it on his Thundershirt on days it was going to storm. What a difference! Now he is out playing & acting normally – where he used to shake, pace, & pant (& keep us up all night). The storms don't bother him anymore, not one bit. Amazing."

  • "Columbus Small Animal Hospital,
    Thank you all for welcoming me into your everyday lives these past two weeks. You all showed me so much and I learned skills I will need to have a good start in my future studies. The work you do is amazing and you care immensely for each one of your patients. That sort of love and commitment is what inspires people like me to have that same passion.
    Thanks again for putting up with me. It was great meeting all of you. I already miss coming in, learning new things, and having fun."
    Blessings to all of you."

  • "Best wishes to all the staff at Columbus Small Animal Hospital. I'd like to say "Thank You" for all the great care that was shown towards "Duke" during his long stay. You all made it very comforting not to have to worry about his needs while taking care of my daughters.
    Thanks again. Your staff "ROCKS."

  • "Thank you to everyone at the Columbus Small Animal Hospital. You have always been so kind and friendly to Teah and us.
    Thank you!"
    Ron and Sharon

  • "Dear Staff,
    A big thank you for your professionalism during today's exam of Mozart. Our unscheduled Monday morning visit was met with your understanding of a pet owner's concern of their beloved family member. Dr Jim; Tait, for your gentleness; Dr Jim, for thorough explanation, expertise, compassion, advice and dedication (which all of you exemplify). [Ann, Stephanie & Angie too.
    With each visit, we recognize we are in a quality caring small animal hospital and have confidence in your specialized animal care."
    In gratitude,

  • "Thanks Dr Jim, Dr Ann, & Dr Wesely for all the love and tenderness you gave to me this year."

  • "What you did is really appreciated. It was nice of you to be so thoughtful!"
    From Scout's Mom and Dad

  • "Thanks for taking such good care of Bailey. She is doing great! Glad we made the decision to give her a chance. THANKS!"

  • "To Everyone Who Helped Take Care of Blue Belle. We felt good knowing if we had to leave her, she was in the best place.
    Thank you especially (Debbie) (Angie) Dr. Ann, Dr Stephanie, ya'll are my hero's."
    Tammy and Bobby

  • "Thank you Dr. Stephanie and the entire staff for the awesome job! Josie was treated with so much love during her difficult delivery. She is the proud Mommy of 4 healthy kittens. Without the awesome care you gave her I am sure we wouldn't have this happy family. We are truly blessed to have you to help our animals when they need it. Thank You!"

  • "I just want to take a minute and express how much we owe being able to have our George home with us once again to the WONDERFUL people at Columbus Small Animal Hospital. A month ago George went down in his back legs we had no idea what had happened we still really don't but we took him immediately into Columbus Small Animal Hospital where he spent a month under your care. I cannot express the Excellent care and compassion you showed throughout this whole time. There were many times when it looked as things were not going to turn around but you stuck with his routine you set for him and after a month he was able to walk on his own!! Without you without a doubt I know he would not have been able to bring George home with us. A Million Thank you's to all of the staff you are AWESOME."

  • "After Sonny our 10 year old beagle was run over last January, he had a broken left leg, dislocated right hip, pelvic fractures. Dr Jim performed multiple surgeries to put our Humpty Dumpty back together again. Sonny is climbing our 17 step staircase, walking on all 4 legs, even beginning to run some. Thanks Columbus Small Animal Hospital!"

  • "I want to thank everyone there for everyone's tender loving care of our Tinkerbell. And especially a grateful & heartfelt thank you to Dr. Ann and Dr. Stephanie for your diligence in finding a cure for Tinkerbell. We are so so grateful and can't thank you enough. The both of you went beyond the call of duty and the 2 of you will forever be in our hearts. God bless all of you, Tami
    Thank you Columbus Small Animal Hospital for all you do for us. You are the best." Tim and Cathy

  • "We have to thank you for recommending the use of Adaptil with the Thundershirt for Ricky. It was amazing! The storms this weekend didn't bother him a bit and he slept at night. Thank you for the suggestions they really helped."

  • "Our dog got shot in the mouth on accident while hunting. My husband and I didn't think he was going to make it. He wasn't eating or drinking. We thought we were going to have to put him down. Then we went to Columbus Small Animal Hospital. Dr Jim Kramer did surgery on our dog Jager. We are so thankful and the staff here are wonderful. This place is very friendly and caring for pets. The next day we came to visit Jager my husband and I were smiling with joy to have Jager better. His mouth looked like nothing happened to him. I truly recommend Columbus Small Animal Hospital to pet lovers looking for a good doctor "veterinarian". Thanks Again."

  • "Thank you for your correct diagnosis and excellent care of Suzy. Thankyou for your attention to detail."

  • "Congratulations to our Groomers Pam and Betty for being voted Best Groomers in Columbus by readers of the Columbus Telegram."
    Your family at work

  • We are so happy that our buddy Ted has had no seizures since his acupuncture treatment several months ago. Thank-you so much for your help. He has been active and playful, and he's back to himself. It's so nice not to have to put him on any medications.

  • Jackson has not coughed at all since we started him on his heart medications last week. He is more alert and active and definitely happier. Thank-you very much for helping him.

  • Buck is doing really well. You wouldn't hardly know there was ever anything wrong with him. He rides around on the 4 wheeler with me like before, he goes up and down steps – does good, looks good!

  • This is really working for Mercedes, she is so much better. Now she can go up and down stairs by herself without us helping her and she runs and plays like she used to.

  • I am so happy. Max is like a different dog. He rarely scratches and chews on himself, he is eating like he should and he is so much more comfortable. He's not anxious and jumping at people and he sleeps better.

  • I've been with Columbus Small Animal Clinic for about 10 years and they always do a great job. My animals get wonderful care hers so I have referred several of my friends here as well. Thanks so much for all you do for Brandi and all of my babies.

  • Mickey is doing great! I can't believe how much better she is getting around. It is like a miracle, an amazing transformation! I was feeling bad for her and I am so excited to see her quality of life improvement. I am very thankful! Now she wants to go for walks and even chased a rabbit! I love not having to give her pain pills. I am really thrilled. Thank you very much!

  • Thank-you for saving Rose. We don't think she would have been saved at any other hospital in Nebraska.

  • Thakyou for all your loving care. We appreciate all you did for Mama Mittens.

  • Just wanted you to know the acupuncture das been managing Skylar's seizures very well. We are really happy with his response.

  • "We will be celebrating our Lizzies 7th Birthday. Thanks you CSAH for all you've done to improve her quality of life. Wouldn't trust her care to anyplace else. Love definitely shines through your work."

  • We are so happy that our buddy Ted has had no seizures since his acupuncture treatment several months ago. Thank-you so much for your help. He has been active and playful, and he's back to himself. It's so nice not to have to put him on any medications.

  • Mickey is doing great! I can't believe how well she's doing after just a couple days.

  • You guys are awesome! Everyone is really nice.

  • I think of all of you often! You are so compassionate at what you do. Many blessings to you all!

  • My dear Dr. Ann, Doctor Jim , Doctor Stephanie, Angie, Maya and all you helper Angels,
    I am aware of your tremendous skills even facing "the breach" maintaining compromised systems just to clean teeth and prevent suffering and danger to all living. But your compassion and care for the humans who are lucky enough to be caretakers is unparalleled. You serve the light and life – all are connected and I'm in wonder and joy that I'm included in connection to such nurturing guides! Thank you.

  • We are so grateful for all you do for our family with our dog Tanner! He receives the BEST care from all of you – we know he is in great hands & loved in his home-away-from-home!. Blessings,
    Cory & Deb & Family

  • Drs. Stephanie, Ann, Jim and Staff
    Nothing is more refreshing than genuine kindness. Thank you so much.
    Tim & Grace & family

  • Jim
    Just wanted to thank you and your staff for all you have done for Bella. The second surgery has been great for her. She is running around on all fours again. Thanks again,
    Terry & Karen

  • Drs Jim & Ann and team,
    Thank you so much for your attentiveness and care for our dog Sophie. From the prompt surgery to Ann stopping by our house in the middle of the night an all the support she got in the clinic, we couldn't ask for any better quality of care. Sophie is doing so much better and that is all thanks to you. It is remarkable Columbus has such a talented vet service available as provided by you. Thanks again for everything!
    Dan, Brenda, Trevor, Amber and Sophie

  • Dr Ann and Staff,
    I cannot put into words how thankful we are for you saving Jasmine's life. It was solely your call. Your determination and your passion for what you do is why our beautiful black lab is still with us. We thank all who helped with her surgery & may God Bless You. Jasmin can walk, run, play & is sooo happy. She is getting totally spoiled. Gratefully,
    Kelly, Jacelyn and Jasmine

  • Dear Drs. Jim and Ann,
    You have been such a blessing over the years to so many - especially to us.
    Ernest and Katherine

  • We are so very happy with Rickey's response to the Acupuncture for his seizures – he's gone from 3-4 a night to none – it is awesome.

  • Thank –you Dr Stephanie, Jennifer, Angie and the rest of the staff at CSAH for takin such good care of Rubee while were gone. We appreciate all that you do. Thanks again,

  • Thanks to everyone for taking such great care of our Gracie!
    Bob, Janet & Megan

  • Thanks for all you do for our babies! It is so greatly appreciated!
    Brain, Becca, Nitro and Blaze

  • Dr Ann & Staff,
    Thank you for your loving heart and understanding!
    Susanna, Joey & Phoebe

  • My Hershey loves going for his haircuts, thanks Pam!!

  • Bailey loves his spa days! Pam is the best!

  • Dear Dr Ann, Angie & staff: My heart filled thanks for everything you've done. Take care & keep doing what you do.

  • You guys are awesome......done miracles for my babies over the years and will always be grateful!

  • Thanks for all that you do. Pretty amazing work!!

  • You guys have the hearts of gold and there is a special place in heaven for you all! Even our Lilianna loves you (and that's a big deal)!

  • Dear Dr Ann: We are grateful for the care you gave Sunshine and for your great respect and concern for all creatures.
    Mary Ann and Don

  • Thank you for everything you do for us!
    Lily & Nitro

  • Dear Doctors Ann, Jim, Stephanie & Staff: I can't begin to tell all of you how much all of your LOVE and CARE of Andy meant to us. I knew he was in good hands. Knowing we had done everything we could helped so much. Thank you again to All of you. Thank you!
    Shirley & Millie

  • You deserve at least a million thanks for what you did. Thank you!
    Sam, Hailey, & Alexa

  • Oh my gosh – Mercedes is absolutely back to normal, running up the stairs and everything.

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