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Acupuncture Cases

Acupunture Cases

Dr. Ann Kramer is one of very few certified veterinary acupuncturists in Nebraska.

Acupuncture is a powerful tool with no negative side effects. Take a look at some of her cases done here in our hospital.


Acupunture Cases

Inky is a 16 year old, neutered male, Manx cross cat weighing 8.6 pounds.

Inky would vomit daily and stop eating for several days in a row. He would become very lethargic. He had severe and constant constipated and needed enemas often, which entailed weeklong stays at the veterinary clinic along with daily enemas.

Inky was diagnosed with megacolon and did not respond well to his oral medications.

After a regimen of acupuncture treatments he is able to defecate on a more normal schedule. He no longer requires lengthy hospital stays and daily enemas. He is eating voluntarily and is much more alert and active.

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Daisy J

Daisy J is a spayed female Border Collie/Aussie Cross who is 8 years old and weighs 58.6 pounds. This is a quote from Daisy's owner:

"Before Daisy’s acupuncture she was slowing down on her daily routines. When the other dogs and I went for our daily walks, Daisy would go part way, lay down and wait for us to come back. Gradually she quit even going part way. Now she goes part way and sometimes all the way. Daisy also struggles to go up the steps to come into the house. This has become easier for her. Playing ball is a favorite of Daisy’s. She is enjoying ball time more."

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Raven Crilly

Acupunture Cases

Raven Crilly is a spayed female, Domestic Shorthair, 12 year old cat weighing 12.3 pounds.

Raven was afflicted with chronic intermittent vomiting of food due to inflammatory bowel disease. She was vomiting daily or at least several times per week and steadily losing weight. Traditional medications were not effective.

Since acupuncture treatments were initiated Raven no longer vomits at all with the exception of regurgitating a hairball on rare occasion. She is now eating well, not vomiting, gaining weight and more active.

A quote from Raven's owners:

"When we first brought Raven to Columbus Animal Hospital, she was throwing up anywhere form 4-6 times a week. We had tried several medications from other veterinarians that weren’t helping her. Dr. Ann talked to us about doing acupuncture on her. WOW, what a difference it has made. She has stopped throwing up for the most part. There may be some months that its only 2-3 times in that month. I strongly recommend trying acupuncture for whatever ails your animal." Chris Crilly

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Acupunture Cases

Brizzy T is a 3 year old, spayed female Great Dane weighing 103.8 pounds.

Brizzy was presented to us due to hind leg weakness and pain. We determined that her problem was due to lumbo/sacral spondylosis in the caudal vertebrae of Brizzy's spine.

This is a quote from Brizzy's owner:

"I went into the acupuncture with an open mind and it has been a great improvement and relief for Brizzy. She is now running and playing with no pain. She has no problems after playing with our other dogs. Brizzy has gained a lot of confidence being pain free." Kathy Taylor

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Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell is a spayed female Wirehair Fox Terrier who is 3.5 years old and weighs 22 pounds.

She was presented to us due to severe itching and scratching a rash on her abdomen. Her haircoat was thin and dull.

After performing Acupuncture designed to modulate her immune system and stop the itching she now has a nice bright haircoat coat and her rash and itching and scratching have subsided.

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Barkley B

Acupunture Cases

Barkley B is a 75 pound, neutered male, Basset/Beagle Cross who is 8 years old.

Barkley has difficulty walking and climbing and descending stairs due to degenerative joint disease in his right shoulder that made him chronically lame.

After acupuncture treatments Barkley is now active and shows little to no pain or lameness in the right front leg.

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Worf is a 114 pound Rough Collie, neutered male, 8 years old.

Worf had long standing bilateral front leg lameness/weakness with collapsing carpi - which are the joints just above the paws corresponding to our wrists.

Worf had difficulty walking, was depressed, not eating and losing weight. He could not get in and out of the owners pick up by himself and had to be lifted in and out of the pick up.

Worf's owner Larry Z says, "After Acupuncture therapy Worf is walking comfortably with no front leg weakness and his carpal joints are strong again. Worf is now eating well and gaining weight again. He’s hopping in and out of the pick-up by himself and even is chasing bunnies now."

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Acupunture Cases

Schmidy is a 6 year old Dachshund, neutered male weighing 14.8 pounds.

Schmidy presented with weakness in his hind legs due to a herniated intervertebral disk in his back. A myelogram confirmed the diagnosis. Schmidy worsened in spite of traditional medical therapy whereby he could not use his hind legs nor did he have voluntary control of his urinary bladder.

We performed a hemilaminectomy in order to decrease pressure on the spinal chord at the site of the disk rupture. Post surgical therapy included cold laser therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture. The acupuncture treatment was aimed at improving Schmidy's current physical abilities to try and regain use of his hind legs and bladder control and also to help prevent additional intervertebral disk ruptures.

With the combination of corrective surgery, multi modal therapy and acupuncture, Schmidy is fully mobile now, free of pain and urinating and defecating normally. He now can walk, run and jump normally, although Eric discourages the jumping.

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Acupunture Cases

Muffin K is a four and a half year old, spayed female Cockapoo weighing 23 pounds.

This is a quote from her owner:

"Prior to using Acupucture treatment for Muffin she was vomiting about twice a week. Since this procedure she hasn't had any more problems, so the results have been helping and doing her a lot of good. It has been wonderful!" Mildred Koeppen

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Acupunture Cases

Katie Reichmuth is a 13 year old spayed female Dachshund weighing 20 pounds.

"On June 10th, our female Dachshund, Katie, became very lame in the back end and was unable to get around. After 3 sessions of acupuncture in a 7 day period, Katie was up walking on her own and able to go to the bathroom again. We are very happy to see Katie getting back to herself in such a short time. Acupunture has been a big part in her ability to get back to normal. We fill the acupunture will help her to gain more mobility in the future." Steve and Virginia Reichmuth

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Acupunture Cases

Remi Taylor is a 5 year old spayed female Great Dane weighing 138 pounds.

"Remi, our 5 year old Great Dane, awoke one morning in a lot of pain. Her head was almost to the floor, her back was humped and she didn’t eat or drink. It took her two days of pain pills to come out of her humped stance. We brought her to Dr. Ann for an acupuncture treatment and that night her back was soft and relaxed. The next morning she was noticeably more active, alert, hungry and ready to go out.

After only one acupuncture session Remi was running in the yard with a happy grin (if that’s possible) on her face, running for the sheer joy of running. Remi gets better and better each session. Her coat no longer has any dandruff. Instead of rising like a cow, she “pops” up and is off barking at some unknown noise. Remi is really back to being a 'puppy.' Remi is our second dog to receive acupuncture and we are true and firm believers." Kathy Taylor

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