Spice Up a Dog Walk

Spice Up a Dog WalkWalks are great for dogs. It allows them time to get in some exercise and explore the outside world. As fun as they can be, they can feel stale sometimes. This could lead to not walking them as much. Below are some tips to spice up your dog walks.

1.) Switch Up Your Route: If possible, try going a different route than normal. New areas can be simulating for both you and your dog. Even just going the same route but in reverse can make things more interesting.

2.) Let Your Dog Lead the Way: Sometimes, letting your dog decide where to go can lead to interesting places. It’s an adventure for both of you. It’s also more mentally stimulating to them.

3.) Switch up the Pace: If you’re someone who usually goes slow and easy, try going at more of a jog. The switch in pace could be reinvigorating. The opposite also holds true. If you usually run, try going slow and really take in the atmosphere around you.

4.) Invite a Friend: Taking a friend along makes almost anything better. They can provide a much-needed change in the routine.

5.) Just because people are friends doesn’t mean their dogs are going to react to each other in a friendly manner. Take care when introducing your dog to any other dog making sure both animals are well restrained and can be separated if tempers flair. Just because the dogs didn’t fight last time they were together does not mean their reactions will be identical today. 

6.) Contact with other dogs and with what they have left behind can and does spread parasites and diseases. 

Dog walks can get a little boring for people yet they are always exciting for the dogs. Dogs have a great way of constantly finding joy in simple pleasures which is one the most endearing things about them. Perhaps you can get out of your head for a little while and share some of that in-the-moment joy that comes so easily to our dogs.

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