Fear Free Techniques

We work to make your pet’s visit to Columbus Small Animal Hospital pleasant. We know that sometimes the experience at an animal hospital can be difficult both for pets and owners. That is why we work to create a positive environment. We use calming pheromones, healthy treats and have exam tables with built-in scales in every room to minimize handling. Our exam tables also raise and lower silently to make the experience less threatening. In addition, we adjust lighting, cover exam tables with mats, use comfortable bedding, and work to reduce loud and unexpected noise in our hospital. We handle our patients with patience, known techniques and qualified staff members. The animals who come in often are typically excited to see us and eager to come into our hospital.     

You can help by training your pet to look forward to hospital visits. Spray Adaptil on the car seat before loading your dog and Feliway in the cat carrier before loading your cat. Teach your pets that car rides are fun and non-threatening by talking them for rides of different lengths that do not end up at the Animal Hospital. Give them treats or small amounts of food in their carriers. Let them self-locate into their carriers when no trips are planned. You could bring them to the hospital when no appointment is scheduled and give them treats so that they connect a visit to the hospital with treats instead of uncomfortable procedures.

We bring our dog Little Walter to the Veterinary Hospital often. He is disappointed if doesn’t get to come and he can’t wait to get inside when he does come. A trip to the Animal Hospital does not have to cause anxiety for the person or the pet. Calm people have calm pets.