Kitties Love Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper streamers running from the bathroom, down the stair steps, and into the living room? Is someone inside the home playing a cruel prank? Cats demand a lot of activities during the day and will attempt to find things in the home to keep them entertained. But why the toilet paper? With such high demand these days for toilet paper, Kitty has decided it is best to unroll the entire roll and shred it all over the house. What is the fascination with one of the most needed toilet items?

Cats are hunters, so naturally, it is hard to resist the fluttering of a few sheets of toilet paper hanging down from the roll. The cat may become obsessed with the toilet paper because there are not enough other opportunities to practice hunting skills or it may simply be something fun to do.

How to put a stop to the TP Party?

Cat owners don’t want to waste money or hours cleaning up shredded toilet paper. Here are a few suggestions to protect one of our modest commodities:
• Keep the bathroom door closed
• Provide the cat lots of interactive playtime
• Use a cat guard on the toilet paper roll for protection
• Try hiding their favorite kibble, treats, prized toys throughout the home

Most cats will grow out of their toilet paper obsession as they leave kitten-hood. Some older cats still love knowing they can spend a day unrolling and shredding the TP.