Nutri Source cat and dog food.

NutriSource: High-quality food for your cat or dog

We have added a new line of non-prescription dog and cat food called NutriSource, a high quality, limited-ingredient dog and cat food that is made in the Midwest.

We have formulations for small- , medium-  and large-breed puppies.

We have adult diets in small bites, large breed, senior, weight management, and pro-performance for those sporting dogs that need added calories.

The cat line includes cat and kitten formulas as well as senior and weight-management diets. We have canned and dry food for both lines.

For more information, please call our office at (402) 563-4151 or ask our front-desk staff for an information pamphlet.

Along with NutriSource non-prescription formulas we will continue to carry Royal Canin prescription diets as we have in the past.