Our team will perform a complete dental exam and will then recommend oral care and/or a treatment tailored for your pet. Treatment can involve professional teeth cleaning and polishing, and dental surgery (tooth extraction) if necessary. Drugs may be prescribed to complement the treatment: antibiotics, local antiseptics during some days or weeks to fight bacterial infection. Do not hesitate to ask us about dental care if your pet suffers from bad breath or decreased appetite.

Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Supporting Your Pet’s Oral Health

Discount Available

After the first dental cleaning you will receive a dated dental compliance certificate. As long as the next dental cleaning is accomplished within a calendar year, we will discount the cost of the cleaning to a flat fee of $140.

You can choose to have cleanings done as often as you like or is necessary for your pet. Every 6 months, 8 months or up to a year — and still get a dental cleaning discount, as long as you present your certificate at drop off and the cleaning takes place within a year.

After a calendar year and a 10-day grace period no dental cleaning discounts will apply.

Protect Your Pet With Regular Teeth Cleanings