Dogs are ideal hosts to worms and other parasites. Animals that sniff, slurp, lick, and gobble anything in their paths are bound to pick up pests.

Your pet should be examined regularly for worms, heartworms and other parasites.

More information from the Companion Animal Parasite Council


Heartworms can cause serious health problems or sometimes even death for both dogs and cats. These foot-long worms live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels.

Mosquitoes carry the worms’ offspring from one animal’s blood to another’s. We do a blood test to tell if your pet has heartworms.

Image from the American Heartworm Society showing the tragic results of untreated heartworms. Click the image for more images and information.

Cat Fleas

The best way to keep fleas off your cat is by applying Vectra for cats once a month during the flea season from March through November.

To stop a flea infestation in your house we recommend a program injection every six months with or without the Vectra once a month.

To prevent or stop fleas from invading your house, all cats and dogs who come into the house need to be treated effectively for fleas.

Dog Fleas

We recommend your dog be treated with Vectra 3D to kill fleas, repel fleas, kill ticks, repel ticks, repel mosquitoes and to repel flies. 

Detecting Fleas