Vote No to Fleas

Summer months provide ideal conditions for survival and increased production rates for both fleas and ticks.

Fleas are insects and are related to ants and beetles. Adult fleas feed on the blood of our pets, then mate and produce eggs that fall from the pets’ coat onto the floor of your house. Egg then larvae then pupae then more adult fleas reproducing inside your home.

Fleas cause itching and scratching, redness, flaky skin, scabs, hotspots, and hair loss. The bite of one flea can send a pet into a tailspin of scratching, biting, and digging at their skin. Look closely into the pet’s fur and you can see black specks on the skin. This is what fleas leave behind. It is commonly called Flea Dirt but is actually digested blood.

We recommend Vectra 3D for dogs and Vectra or Catego for Cats. Never use a product meant to treat dogs on cats. Dog flea and tick products contain ingredients that are toxic and often fatal to cats.

Vectra 3D not only kills fleas it repels fleas, not only kills ticks it repels ticks, it also repels flies and repels mosquitoes. It is one of the only products that will stop a flea infestation inside your home. It is guaranteed.

With oral flea products fleas have to bite the pet in order to be killed.  Vectra 3D kills fleas before they bite the animal. When fleas bite they transmit diseases to your pet. 

Vectra 3D for dogs and Vectra for cats can be very inexpensive. If you buy 3 doses mix and match we give you a free dose. If you buy 6 doses we give you 3 doses free.  You can buy 6 doses for your smallest pet and get 3 doses free for your largest pet lowering the cost even further.