We Are Open, but Lobby is Closed; New Boarding Protocols

We are open for business, however our lobby is closed.

Please call 402-563-4151 to make an appointment or a request, and also when you arrive, as the lobby door is locked.

Cats will not be admitted into the hospital unless they are in a cat carrier. We can loan a carrier to you if you need one. You will need to put the cat in the carrier before you arrive.

We have new protocols concerning boarding:

Emergency contacts are now required for all boarders prior to dropping off.

This emergency contact will only be used if the practice would need to suddenly close due to health and safety reasons or has been compelled to do so by local governing agencies.

The emergency contact must be able to come pick up the pet that same day they are contacted by the practice. It will be the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that the emergency contact is aware that they may need to pick up the pet on short notice.

Clients will not be allowed to drop off their pet for boarding if they cannot provide an emergency contact for their pet.

We will need to know the owner’s and the emergency contact’s preferred form of contact: phone, text or email.

We apologize for the inconvenience during this difficult time.

We will get through this together.